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Brief bio

Manchester (Lancashire, not Pennsylvania) born & bred. As a grown-up have lived in Reading, London, Reading again, Naxos, Athens, and now just east of Brussels.
We have now acquired a plot of land in Greece, complete with stone-built 'shed' and olive trees, so the current project is trying to build a house on it so we can go and live there and I can have an Aegean garden.


Whatever I feel like doing. Bliss!


Many! Including: gardening and water-gardening; arts & crafts - especially painting & drawing, crochet, machine knitting, sewing and embroidery; crosswords; interior design & decoration; things Greek - especially language, folk music & dancing, and my husband.
Have recently discovered 3-D modelling in Google SketchUp, about which all I can say is 'Wow!' and 'I may be some time....'

Pet hate

Kudos (/ˈkuːdɒs/, often /ˈkuːdoʊz/), from the Greek κῦδος (not to be confused with κύδος "taunt"), kydos, (literally "that which is heard of") means "fame" and "renown" resulting from an act or achievement. ... In Standard British English, as in Greek, Kudos is a singular and not a plural noun....

Figures: non-existent and illogical singular worked back from a word that happens to end in "s". I wonder when we'll start talking about the cosmo, an etho and under the aegi of something.

Which is doubtless part of why I find the whole kudo/s thing so irritating. Another part is that I find it childish. If someone finds a way to opt out of this silly system on a personal level, please let me know and I will !

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